Introducing Art into Your Community – Part 3

Power to the People

I know I’ve been very clear about keeping in touch with the council and the local authorities and for the most part it will help out your project plenty, however sometimes you may want to bring people together because you aren’t happy about the way things are run. Art can be a great way to get across a point, when protesting just doesn’t seem to work this can be the only way to show how a community is feeling. A great example of this is when the people of Istanbul, Turkey banded together after their local council painted a number of large sets of stairs in a dismal grey. They formed a movement named ‘#resiststeps’ which trended on twitter and together purchased their own paints and covered the steps in a vivid rainbow of colours.

Colour Festivals

Every year in India the Hindu festival named Holi sees people using paint powders to light up the world around them, the streets, the air and each other. It’s gone on to inspire many events all over the world. Here in the UK we have an annual event called The Colour Run which is a 5km run, people take part and raise money for various charities, at the end of the run they arrive at a colour festival where explosions of colour leave nobody untouched and promote healthiness and happiness. It’s a fun idea that also promotes healthy activity in the area that again can involve people both young and old whilst also doing good for good causes.

Street Project

If you’re trying to bring together a community then perhaps the best way to do that is with a street project. Certain local celebrations or charity events can be an excellent opportunity to bring the people together and what will really make this feel like an event worth taking part in is decoration. By decorating your street you’ll be changing an environment that people are more used to than any other, if every around them feels like a place to celebrate and have a good time then why wouldn’t you? A simple way to transform a street is with some homemade bunting, this can be made by virtually anybody, no matter their crafting ability and you can do so by using simple things like old magazines, leaflets and newspapers.

Decorating the Home

Sometimes simply decorating your own home can inspire those around you to do the same and there are some really easy and thrifty ways you can do it without going overboard. Why not craft a mosaic on the wall? You can do this simply by using old broken crockery, pottery or mirrors that you’ve perhaps not known what to do with for a while. There are all sorts of ways of upcycling old materials, if you’re not looking to change the walls of your home that’s no problem, you could instead spice up your garden by planting flowers in old boots, teapots, handbags, paint tine, anything you can think of really, you can make your garden as quirky as possible and have a display that’ll light up peoples imaginations and hopefully spread far and wide.