Artists Who Made Their Start on Kickstarter

Perhaps you have your vision all laid out for your art business and just lack the funds needed to make your dream a reality. It may even seem that the supplies or project that you need to make that dream happen are out of reach entirely.

A number of artists have turned to Kickstarter for help. After all, it’s the single largest creative projects funding platform in the world. Whether extra funds would help you finish your painting, create your art book, print giclees, or purchase supplies, raising finance on the World Wide Web could be the solution you’ve been looking for. To illustrate how Kickstarter works, let’s look at three artists who have been successful with the platform to help launch their art businesses. If you have an art project, you’re looking to get funded, you might just pick up a few tips.

Antonio Masi

Homage to whistler Watercolor 29.5 x 21.5 $4275

Antonio Masi, who, besides being an artist himself, is also president of the American Watercolor Society, decided that he wanted to create a set of prints of the nine major bridges in New York. The giclee prints are highly accurate, with the problem being the expense that they take to produce. So Masi took to Kickstarter to finance his project. Masi’s range of rewards included signed prints, postcards, one-on-one studio time, and a meet with the artist over lunch. As fans could view the quality of art, Masi far exceeded his goal. He set his target at $15,000 but managed to reach $23,454.

Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez is a Dreamworks Animation production designer in the day but spends time painting en plein air in his free time. Wishing to make his hobby another bow to his professional career, he explored Kickstarter in a bid to create his first ever art book. His campaign explained that he was seeking for Cottonwood Arts to print and bind 14 of his favourite pieces. In addition to listing rewards on his Kickstarter page, Hernandez gave a rundown of where the funds would go: materials, manufacturing, and printing of the book. The tactic proved to be a fruitful one, as he managed to raise $21,322, with 375 backing his project. His target was $18,000.

Rob Burden

Rob Burden opted to give Kickstarter a try in order to help him make his dream come true: create two 10ft x 14ft Star Wars oil paintings. Things seemed to work out. He set a target of $24,000 and managed to raise $34,023, so was able to create three paintings. His well-presented Kickstarter page seemed to be at least partially responsible for his success. It went into detail on why he creates these paintings and included a lot of pictures showcasing his work so far, along with progress updates.

He also explained that the gifts would be awarded to anyone pledging to help his campaign. They included everything from a Star Wars postcard print for those pledging $10 to an original painting for those pledging $8,000.