Introducing Art into Your Community – Part 2

You can work together across buildings to create huge sweeping works of art or simply work on your own areas. Again, it is crucial that you get permission from the building owners before you crack out the spray paint, vandalism is a serious crime and a fineable offence. It doesn’t have to be a permanent design though, there are some artists that create temporary street art by using water-based paints on a large sheet of paper, they then paste this design onto the wall where it will gradually degrade thanks to the weather. Another style worth considering is reverse graffiti in which the art is created by removing dirt from the wall, this is also great for making a statement of how dirty an area may be so it’s a double whammy.

Moss Murals

This is a great community project because it combines art with what could easily be counted as gardening. Moss graffiti is a great and green way to liven up your area, essentially you are growing moss on a wall, or and porous surface really, in a shape of your choosing. It can be writing, pictures, even both, why not choose something that fits in with your area? It’s fairly simple to do, the moss mixture is made up of buttermilk, water, sugar and of course a bit of moss, once mixed together you simply paint the solution onto the wall over a stencil of your choosing, spray on water mist daily and within a couple a weeks you should have your own green art to marvel at. Remember to get that all-important permission before doing this, the mess will strip any paint from the surface it’s on, though it may be green it can be destructive so be careful.

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is as fun as it sounds like it will be. This is a great way to brighten up an area without having to worry about permanent damage. You can turn drag and gloomy areas into a rainbow coloured, woolly paradise that everyone can enjoy. Learning to knit is far easier than it may seem, and it can be great fun as well very relaxing. By gathering people and knitting together you’ll be building up that community spirit, getting to know what each other like and want from their homes which is perfect for creating and future projects or activities in the future too. You can knit all sorts from bunting, to scarfs and all sorts of other decorations that you can hang of drab signs and lonely benches around the area. Obviously purchasing wool can become costly, you can look to save by unravelling old jumpers or asking other to donate clothes to the cause. Like I say this is a wonderful and fun project that people of all ages can get involved in and help out with, just make sure to stay within the law, again getting help from a council member might be worthwhile for something like this.