Exclusive Design of the Salamanca Cathedral

Exclusive Design of the Salamanca Cathedral

If you enjoy watching shows about inexplicable and mystical phenomena, you may have seen this astronaut carved on the facade of a 16th-century cathedral in Salamanca, Spain. This cathedral, called Cetadral Nueva, has one strange modern detail. An astronaut wearing a helmet is carved on its facade near the entrance. How is it possible and does it mean anything?

Conspiracy Theory

This astronaut is depicted in great details as he has the special shoes and various tubes on his suit. Seeing this picture, people prone to conspiracy theories can really start thinking about attitudes toward the influence of aliens on the ancient world. Construction of the Catedral Nueva began in 1513, and it was finished in 1733. If the architects of this cathedral were able to predict exactly what an astronaut would look like after a few hundreds of years, perhaps they were interacting with extraterrestrial beings? Does that mean that aliens have been visiting us for a long time?

The similar incident is described in the book Chariots of the Gods that was published in 1968. The German author Erich von Däniken tells an incredible story. This book is about the theory of an ancient astronaut, and soon after it was published, it became a real bestseller, thus spreading the idea of extraterrestrial beings widely.

The Truth

However, the truth is that all the strange are lies, because this statue has nothing to do with aliens. The construction of this cathedral began in 1513, under the rule of King Ferdinand II Catholic, who was married the famous Queen Isabella I. However, when the church was built in the 18th century, there was no carved astronaut on it. Over the centuries, the church suffered from various wars, rebels, and damages, as a result, the government of Spain eventually led to the decision to restore and renovate this church. During the implementation of the restoration project in 1992, the entrance to the cathedral was renovated also.

The famous Spanish architect Jeronimo Garcia, who worked on this project, decided to add something from himself. He created two sculptures depicting the modern world. The first culture was the Astronaut. This figure was chosen because it was a symbol of the 20th century and it was dedicated to the operation of landing on the Moon and a flight into space. It was the greatest achievement of mankind at the time.

The second sculpture was a Roman mythological creature fauna eating ice cream from a waffle cone. These two modern sculptures appeared in 1992 and they are a part of the facade of this cathedral for less than 30 years. As a result, all various myths that they appeared there as early as the 16th century are just fantasies and theories of conspiracy. While the photo of astronaut  of the Salamanca cathedral is circulating in the internet for a long time with claims about the existence of aliens and that they have inspired the architects in the early centuries of constructions, the truth is simpler.